Performance Network Theatre is located at 120 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, on the southwest corner of Huron and 4th Avenue.

View a map of the short-term parking options, provided by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

– The parking structure located on the corner of 4th Ave. and Washington Ave. (one block south of the theatre) is available for $1.10/hour, Mondays – Saturdays, and is free on Sundays. Performance Network Theatre is not able to validate parking.
– Metered street parking is free after 6pm and all day Sunday.
– The small PNC Bank lot, located directly next to the theatre on Huron St., is free during showtimes, though it fills up quickly.
– The Washtenaw County Courthouse lot, located across from the theatre on Huron St. and 4th Ave., is free during showtimes.

Performance Network offers a selection of beer and wine at the concession stand for our members. Members are individuals who donate $65 or more each year. If you are not a member, a one-month membership can be purchased for $5.

Members can pre-order drinks to have them waiting at the concession stand for intermission.

Please support our beverage partners:
Arbor Brewing Company
Everyday Wines
Village Corner

May we suggest the following restaurants for your pre or post-show dining needs.

Arbor Brewing Company – a locally sourced brew pub located one block away.
The Blue Nile – Experience the elegance of a traditional Ethiopian Royal Feast.
The Earle – serving award-winning French and Italian country cuisine.
Logan – contemporary restaurant featuring “New American” cuisine and a great selection of boutique wines and spirits.
The Ravens Club – offering Heirloom Cuisine and Rogue Mixology in a fun, sophisticated environment.
Zingerman’s Deli – Serving up made-to-order sandwiches and an exceptional array of farmhouse cheeses, estate-bottled olive oils, varietal vinegars, smoked fish, salami and much more.
Zingerman’s Roadhouse – full-flavored, traditional, regional American foods in a down-to-earth restaurant atmosphere.

There are several hotels located in the area including:

The Dahlmann Campus Inn – Offering an unmatched convenience to downtown Ann Arbor. Located 3 blocks from the theatre.
Kensington Court – Full service hotel and conference center. Located 4.3 miles from the theatre, off I-94.
Weber’s Inn – Boutique Hotel featuring Restaurant, and Banquet & Conference centers. Located 2.4 miles from the theatre, off I-94.



This twice-yearly festival of staged readings will feature brand new works by four playwrights. Each reading will be followed by a post-show discussion with the playwright and director.

The Fireside Festival is generously underwritten by Joseph Walters.

Bronzeville Gold, by Anetria Cole
Set in 1933 Chicago, this powerful African American family saga revolves around a “gambling numbers wheel,” and a young Mississippi newcomer as he and the entire African American community chase the ever elusive American dream. Willie Jenkins a 22-year-old, African-American sharecropper wants to live the American dream but he knows that living in Tupelo, Mississippi will not afford him that opportunity. But when he meets a street numbers runner from south side Chicago named Cleveland, who promises him the “good-life,” Willie jumps on what he feels is his only escape from the south. Will he walk on “streets of gold” as Cleveland has promised him? Is Bronzeville really the land flowing with milk and honey? Or is it all just a dream?. Reserve Now!

Lines, by Jeffrey Allen Steiger
A first for Performance Network! Lines was featured in the 2010 Fireside Festival, and is being brought back after significant script changes were instituted thanks to the festival. Maybe your feedback is featured…?

Sara, a new university grievance investigator, is assigned a case that proves to be far more complicated than it appears. When a professor with a very unique expertise is accused of sexual harassment, tables turn as the investigation becomes less about “he said/she said,” and more about Sara. Lines explores the division between thoughts, feelings, and action, and whether those borders are definitive or frighteningly blurry. Reserve Now!

Look Away, by Robert Ford
After being accused of raping two white women, black teenagers Matty and Alonzo flee to a plantation home to escape a growing lynch mob. Convinced that the home’s sympathetic owners will help them avert danger, these cautious but hopeful boys revisit their past and plan their future as they await the morning sun that will bring with it their fate. Reserve Now!

Brill, by David Wells with music by Frank Allison
Set in Manhattan’s Brill Building during the summer of 1959, an aging Tin Pan Alley songwriter is forced to confront the inevitability of rock and roll when a young woman — with a guitar and aspirations of her own — shares his office. Directed by Carla Milarch, featuring Phil Powers and Sarah Leahy. Reserve Now!

Performance Network Theatre is a member of the National New Play Network, an alliance of not-for-profit professional theatres that champions the development, production and continued life of new plays for the American theatre. PNT has been a member since 2001 and is the only Michigan constituent.


Michigan is home to hundreds of Broadway quality actors that choose to live and work right here. Performance Network, Ann Arbor’s professional theatre, pairs their talent with the hottest plays available, produced with imaginative sets and costumes, in our intimate downtown space. Winning more awards and nominations for 5 years running, PNT leads the region in artistic quality. With a wide variety of musicals, comedies, dramas, Pulitzer Prize and Tony award-winners, Performance Network is proud to be Michigan’s premier professional Theatre.

Not sure how to get to the Performance Network Theatre? Don’t know where to park? Don’t worry we have everything you need to plan your trip from directions to local restaurant recommendations ready for you.


Imagine a teenager, let’s call her Sarah, who faces relentless cyberbullying on social media platforms. The impact on her mental health and well-being is profound, leading to feelings of isolation and despair. However, there is a way to combat this pervasive issue. By fostering a supportive online community that stands against cyber bullying at, we can create a safer space for individuals like Sarah to thrive and feel valued. But how can this be achieved effectively?

Understanding Cyberbullying Dynamics

To understand cyberbullying dynamics, it is essential to recognize the various forms of online harassment and the impact they can have on individuals. Cyberbullying can manifest as threats, spreading rumors, or impersonation, causing emotional distress and psychological harm. It often occurs repeatedly, creating a hostile online environment. Understanding these dynamics is crucial in developing effective strategies to prevent and combat cyberbullying.

Promoting Empathy and Kindness Online

Promoting empathy and kindness online requires fostering a culture of respect and understanding in virtual interactions. Encourage positive communication and discourage hurtful behavior by setting clear guidelines for online conduct. Emphasize the importance of considering others’ feelings before posting comments or messages. By promoting empathy and kindness, you contribute to creating a safer and more supportive online community where bullying behavior is less likely to thrive.

Encouraging Reporting and Support Systems

Encouraging the utilization of reporting tools and establishing robust support systems is crucial in combating cyber bullying effectively. Providing clear instructions on how to report incidents, ensuring anonymity, and offering immediate access to support resources can empower victims to seek help. By fostering a culture where reporting is encouraged and supported, online platforms can swiftly address instances of cyberbullying and create a safer digital environment for all users.

Building a Culture of Online Respect

Creating a culture of online respect involves setting clear boundaries and promoting digital etiquette among users. Establish community guidelines that outline acceptable behavior, language, and interactions. Encourage users to think before posting and to consider the impact of their words on others. Implement reporting mechanisms for inappropriate conduct and enforce consequences for violators. By fostering a culture of respect, you can create a safer and more positive online environment for everyone.


Looking to purchase a domain name? Avoid common buying mistakes and make a smart investment. Did you know that overlooking long-term branding potential can hinder your success? Or that neglecting trademark and copyright checks could lead to legal issues? By following these tips, you’ll ensure a seamless buying process. Don’t let avoidable mistakes cost you time, money, and your brand’s reputation. Take control of your online presence and make informed decisions.

Common Mistake 1: Not Considering the Long-Term Branding Potential

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Common Mistake 2: Overlooking the Importance of Keyword Research

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Common Mistake 3: Neglecting to Check Trademark and Copyright Issues

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Common Mistake 4: Ignoring the Importance of a Reliable Registrar

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Did you know that investing in superior quality furniture can greatly enhance the longevity and durability of your home furnishings? In Singapore, craftsmen take pride in creating timeless designs that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space but also guarantee long-lasting functionality. With materials carefully chosen for their durability, you can trust that your furniture will stand the test of time. Discover the benefits of investing in superior quality furniture by and transform your home into a haven of lasting beauty.

The Craftsmanship of Singaporean Furniture

Do you know what sets the craftsmanship of Singaporean furniture apart from others? It is the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to excellence that make Singaporean furniture truly exceptional. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their work, ensuring that every joint is perfectly aligned and every surface is flawlessly finished. The use of high-quality materials is also a hallmark of Singaporean furniture, with craftsmen selecting only the finest woods and fabrics to create their masterpieces. This dedication to quality not only results in furniture that is visually stunning, but also furniture that is built to last. Singaporean furniture is known for its durability and longevity, making it a wise investment for those seeking furniture that will stand the test of time.

Materials That Guarantee Durability

When investing in furniture, it’s important to choose materials that guarantee durability. Singaporean furniture makers understand this and use high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time. One material commonly used is solid wood, such as teak or mahogany, known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear. These woods also have a beautiful natural grain that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. Another durable material used is plywood, which is made by layering thin sheets of wood together. Plywood is known for its stability and resistance to warping or cracking. Additionally, Singaporean furniture makers often use high-quality upholstery fabrics that are stain-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that the furniture stays looking new for years to come. By choosing furniture made from these durable materials, you can be confident that your investment will last for a long time.

Timeless Designs for Every Home

With timeless designs that never go out of style, you can create a beautiful and inviting home. Investing in furniture with timeless designs is a smart choice because it ensures that your home will always look stylish and sophisticated. These designs are not influenced by passing trends or fads, making them a long-lasting investment. Timeless designs often feature clean lines, classic shapes, and neutral colors, which create a sense of elegance and refinement. They can easily blend with any interior style or theme, giving you the flexibility to change your home’s decor without having to replace your furniture. Additionally, timeless designs have a universal appeal, making them suitable for any room in your home. By choosing furniture with timeless designs, you can create a timeless and enduring space that will never go out of fashion.

Enhancing Functionality With Superior Quality Furniture

Invest in the superior quality furniture to enhance the functionality of your home. Superior quality furniture not only adds aesthetic value to your living space but also serves a practical purpose. When selecting furniture, consider pieces that offer multiple functions, such as a sofa bed or a coffee table with built-in storage. These versatile pieces can transform your living room into a guest bedroom or provide additional storage space for your belongings. Additionally, invest in furniture that is durable and easy to maintain. Look for materials that are resistant to wear and tear, such as solid wood or high-quality upholstery. Superior quality furniture will not only enhance the functionality of your home but will also stand the test of time.


Some people are excellent at providing time and also friendship to the sick or lonesome, and others may be much better with the grunt job needed to assist others with extensive projects. Just discovering out what each individual will certainly do for their area can be a giant action to aiding your local area.

You will make a significant effect on the globe around you when you determine it’s time to offer to take part in corporate giving. Not only are you sure to help those in your area, it’s certain to do nothing but terrific things for the firm as well. Those that deal with you can help you use very useful assistance to those in requirement. Whether you pick to help through fundraising events, monetary donations, or even assisting any kind of events near you, any kind of help is important. Not just is it easy to begin assisting your regional community, it’s sure to make every person involved feel terrific for having actually done something outstanding for those around them. Just how much will your company contributions have the ability to provide in your location as well as how excellent with your workers feel regarding participating in it?

corporate giving

A corporation assisting a charity will certainly reveal others the benefits of that charity. When an entire neighborhood comes together to aid a charity, absolutely nothing yet terrific things are certain to take place. The charity could get the sources they require to make a large difference, making your community a far better location for all that live in it.

This can be done by holding a prize drawing every so often, if you really feel that will lead individuals to aid where they can. Another terrific technique is to ask your clients if they want to donate at inspect out, giving your clients the capacity to make their own area a far better place for all.

Not just will this allow your company to assist those in need, but it will certainly additionally aid to enhance your standing within the neighborhood. People will certainly recognize the name of your service as the ones to have run a amazing and also entertaining event, which could aid lead to even more occasions in the future.

An additional excellent method to offer to your area is with a business sponsorship. With a sponsorship, your firm will certainly obtain its name out there as somebody ready to assist. It’s a terrific method to obtain out in your area, and it’s additionally certain to assist your company get noticed by many appreciative people.

By aiding charities supply sources to those in need, no one else can make as big of a difference as a corporation. When an entire corporation bands with each other, supplying a company sponsorship to aid in community initiatives, they will locate that they can really make a distinction as well as help those in demand.


When the tsunami hit and also the church stepped in, they were there to assist others who were experiencing. Full time locals as well as brand-new visitors are always welcome for the English solution church in Sendai.

One of the primary points that you will certainly discover various concerning the English-Japanese service church in Sendai is that services are held on Saturday. Together they still bring belief to the Kesennuma location and individuals.

There is an English service church in Sendai that supplies solutions in both languages as well as assisting others who are in requirement. They are a church that plays an energetic role in bringing more confidence and even more benefits to the people of Japan and also the bordering areas.

The English solution church in Sendai additionally provides fun tasks throughout the year. Wedded couples can also take part of these parties on a various night and also find out together just how to become a far better pair by comprehending the main distinctions between just how each of them think.

Just how would you like to come to be a component of their efforts to reveal God’s love with those who need it the most? Would certainly you be willing to share food as well as reveal your empathy to and for individuals that are harming as well as shed without it? They require you to show them you care. The Sendai church is part of the FCBC Singapore as well as it is also a component of the Baptist confidence.

That is what the English-Japanese service church at FCBC Sendai can help you locate that kind of neighborhood. It is a location you can go to share your Baptist belief with others that rely on in Jesus as a lot as you do.

Whenever you prepare to come to be a component of something absolutely incredible, you do not need to fret about a language obstacle standing in between both of you. You merely need to select to end up being a part of this church and they will certainly assist you in creating a more powerful family as well as area. What do you assume your function in life will become when you have a little advice from God and also the Baptist church? Will you uncover a far better means of living life?

Are you ready to experience a new confidence in your church? Pastor Christina and also Pastor Caleb are there to help you challenge your unfavorable feelings and guide you towards learning exactly how to be a far better individual. They want you to have the delight that comes with a happier house and also a better neighborhood. To find out just how to manage your problems and assist others through theirs. Are you ready to come to be a part of the English solution church in Sendai to see what you have been losing out on? It absolutely is a wonderful way to discover the belief you have always had as well as gain confidence in other areas of your life also. They will be waiting on you to come claim hi when you are prepared.